PROJECT: Introduction of Our Partner Business

Here are our co-development projects for "Revitalizing Local People and Businesses", in which our office is working on as a partner.
Please find out how we are creating the new value, building a brand and expanding the sales channels as a management partner who can respond to changes with the same goals.

In addition, we are actively looking for overseas customers who are interested in products, materials and craftsmanship used in Japan Traditional Crafts or Local Businesses. Please check our twitter and YouTube channel for more information.

  1. Overseas Sales Development of Unique Kintsugi PiecesOverseas sales of kintsugi pieces utilizing the lacquering technique in Buddhist altars
  2. Branding of Omi-Jofu Traditional Kogei CenterConveying the value that only hemp can provide
  3. Antibacterial and Deodorant Curtains Using Innovative Photocatalyst TechnologyProviding a Hygienic Space Suitable for the "COVID-19 Era"
  4. Realization of One and Only Soy SauceIn-house Brewed Soy Sauce Made From Well-Selected Soybeans and Wheat from Shiga Prefecture
  5. A Display Stand incorporating a technique from traditional crafts in Hikone-city, JapanNew Developments in Hikone Household Buddhist Altars
  6. Convey the Value of Modern Buddhism Altar "FreeDan"Expanding Sales Channels for "Hikone Household Buddhist Altars"