If you would like to contact us, please fill in and send the below form. We will reply by e-mail within 3 business days of sending date of the form.

  1. We will solve these management issues.

    <For General Businesses>
    - Even though we make good products, we can't sell well.
    - I don't know where to start after the succession of the business.
    - I want to implement IT systems to improve efficiency in-house.
    - Although we have developed new technologies and products, there are no sales channels.
    - I don't know what will happen in the future due to the decline in sales.

    <For Japan Traditional Craft Businesses>
    - I made a prototype, but I don't know where to sell it.
    - In the old sales channel, prices and sales methods are fixed and there is no freedom.
    - I want to try to develop overseas sales channels.

  2. For the Press

    Our office actively accepts inquiries from any media, including television, newspapers and magazines, and the web site.
    Please feel free to contact us via the form below if you have any requests for interviews or publications.


  1. 1. Contact us

    Please feel free to contact us through the below contact form.

  2. 2. Initial Consultation

    We will conduct via web meeting system, or telephone. (Time required: 30 to 60min)
    *Note: This initial consultation fee is JPY3,000. This fee will not be charged if you formally conduct a contract with us afterwards.

  3. 3. Proposal for Estimate

    Based on the content of the initial consulting, we will propose the estimation necessary for the solution of issues from the professional view of certified management consultant so that we can realize "the ideal image" of customer maximally. If you have any requests or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  4. 4. Conclusion of Contract

    If you agree to our final quote and costs, we will sign a consulting agreement with you, including non-disclosure clause.

  5. 5. Consulting Start

    We will make every effort to revitalize people and the company while valuing close communication with customer.

Contact Form
  1. FAQ

    Q. What's Certified Management Consultant?
    A. It is the only national certification that certifies Small and medium business consultant. It is registered by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry under the Small and Medium Business Support Act. They are experts in providing appropriate management diagnosis and advice to small and medium-sized businesses, and also required the extensive knowledge, such as management strategy planning, sales strategy, personal management and labor relation, financial accounting and information systems.

    Q. What industries do you specialize in?
    A. We mainly specialize in the manufacturing industry (including traditional craft-related industries) and IT industry.

    Q. Will my business confidentiality be protected?
    A. Certified Management Consultant is obliged to protect the confidentiality of their clients. Please feel free to contact us.

    Q. What is the extent of your business area?
    A. As a general rule, we can visit the client in Shiga Prefecture only. However, if traditional craft businesses outside the prefecture and overseas clients are available to use online tools like a web conference, we can also provide our service via these systems.