METHOD: Our Original Revitalizing Method named "R-STEPS"

  1. R-STEPS

    "R-STEPS" stands for "Revitalizing STEPS", which is our office's unique method to revitalize the people and the company. This method is designed to help your company revitalizing efficiently by following the below steps in order. Depending on your company's situation and needs, we can provide you with the most appropriate consulting plan, such as an individual menu or advisory contract that combined each service.
    Our consulting services are available for a monthly visit (3hrs required). In addition to this visit, web conferences are held as needed.

  2. STEP 1 Branding: Firmly Determine The Value of a Company

    From modern and global knowledge, we firmly determine the value of local people and companies and clarify what needs to be done.
    Whichever consulting service you sign up for, we always do this step first.

    1. Understand the market environment -> 2. Differentiate the value by "focus" -> 3. Define Management Philosophy -> 4. Establish company-wide action guidelines -> 5. Establish action guidelines in operational level
    The cost of this step has been included from STEP2 onwards.
  3. STEP2 HR: Discover People's Potential

    It is the most important matter to focus on the organization 10 years out. By establishing the human resource system integrated with management philosophy, it will motivate your employees and lead to the improvement of performance. Not just an evaluation system, but we will formulate from the phase of a management philosophy and action guidelines of your company.

    1. Convey the value -> 2. Building the organization (assigning people to realize the management philosophy) -> 3. Training to realize the management philosophy -> 4. Creating an evaluation system -> 5. Conduct evaluations
    From 12 months
    Per project: From 2.5 million yen (excluding tax) + Transportation costs
  4. STEP3 Accounting: Getting The Most Out of Goods and Money

    Management accounting is essential for the realization of management philosophy, and our goal is to help managers become proficient in the use of management accounting to achieve the stable finance.

    1. Understand the accounting system -> 2. Understand the reasons for depreciation etc. through accounting history -> 3. Understand cash flow -> 4. Learn e basics of finance -> 5. Practice to read the issue of your company through your company's balance sheet and income statement for tax payment
    For 6 to 12 months
    *Term will vary depending on your understanding of accounting systems.
    Per project: From 1 to 2 million yen (excluding tax) + Transportation cost
  5. STEP4 Information: Level up Your Decision-making

    By implementing IT system, even small and medium-sized companies can achieve rapid and high-quality decision-making in-house.
    We will offer a wide range of information system solutions for your company, from problems related to computer, to consultations about websites and telework, to the implementation of customer management systems.

    Flow will vary depending on the contents of the system.
    For 1 to 6 months
    Per project: From 250k to 1 million yen (excluding tax) + Transportation cost
  6. STEP5 Sales and Marketing Strategy: Establish and Implement a Selling Mechanism

    Through the development of new products and services, we raise the value of your company's brand and ensure profitability. Not just focusing on an impact, we aim to establish a sustainable "winning pattern" that is unique to your company.

    1. Convey the value -> 2. Organization (assigning people to implement the management philosophy) -> 3. Developing a marketing strategy -> 4. Implementing strategy -> 5. Evaluate the strategy -> 6. Modify the strategy
    From 12 months
    From 3 million yen (excluding tax) + Accommodation and Transportation cost

  7. Finally, People & Companies Revitalized!

    This is the final goal of our office.
    We aim to improve business performance by redefining the value of the company and creating a better business environment. The values that we have determined will also serve as a bridge between industry and culture, so that you will be able to work as a proud job in which you can feel the contribution to society and culture.

  8. Other Consulting Services

    We are flexible enough to meet your needs, such as advisory contracts and subsidy support. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  9. Advisory Contract

    By consulting with our office on human resources, accounting, information, sales, and marketing strategies over the long term (1 year or more), we can provide the best solution for your company with a mix of the above-mentioned services.

    Long term (1 year or more)
    In principle, from 300k yen per month (excluding tax) + Transportaion fee
    *Advisory fees will be negotiated based on the size of the company and the amount of work per month.
  10. Partnerships

    Companies that have gone through the above steps will be able to sign a partnership agreement with our office.
    Even if you can develop a marketing strategy through our consulting, we think that it is difficult for especially small businesses having a small number of employees to focus on sales activities on their own. We aim to become a partner who can respond to changes with the same goals and expand our global sales channels.

  11. Support for Various Subsidies and Planning

    We support the preparation, application, and review of documents required for the various subsidies and planning. Please refer to the ACHIEVEMENT page for our achievement on these services.

    <Reference cost per case (excluding tax)>
    - The Subsidy for manufacturing, commerce, and service innovation: 200k yen as initial payment + success fee(10% of the subsidy amount)
    - The Regional Economy Advancement Project Plan (include the national certification of innovation): 300k yen + success fee (10% of the tax relief amount)
    - The Management Innovation Plan: 200k yen
    - The Management Improvement Plan: 100k yen
    - The Advanced Equipment Installation Plan: 100k yen
    - The Business Continuity Enhancement Plan: 100k yen
    "Our Approach to Subsidies"
    The subsidy adoption rate of our office is 100% in all cases (FY 2019 results). However, our office does not recommend that you actively use the subsidy. While no repayment is required on subsidies, they have a drug-like aspect that makes you want to spend them once and then again. While subsidies are repeatedly adopted, nothing new can be done without subsidies. When we consult with you about subsidies, we always check to see if there are any other options available to you and make the best suggestions.