Expanding Sales Channels for "Hikone Household Buddhist Altars"

Convey the Value of Modern Buddhism Altar "FreeDan"
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"FreeDan" is a sophisticated form of High Sense Prayer, produced by "Hikone Household Buddhist Altars" which is a Japan Traditional Craft designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan. "nanaplus" is a group that offers a new style of prayer created by traditional techniques. The name of "nanaplus" is a combination of the old Chinese character "seven", standing for "seven craftsmanship" with various skills, and "plus", which means taking the next step. The brand name "FreeDan" was given to create a free style of prayer that is not confined to any religion or denomination.

In asking the world about this new form of prayer, the hardest part was deciding who to target and where to sell it. The most persuasive way of selling crafts is direct sales by the production area, but there was a problem that only demonstration sales at department stores in urban areas could reach very limited customers.

Accordingly, "nanaplus" decided to conclude a contract with distributors nationwide and promote the development of sales channels. We are responding to inquiries about setting up and delivery of household furniture and developing sales channels, mainly at the Buddhism altar stores across the country, which are of interest to us through exhibitions and other events in the past. After the spread of the COVID-19, web conference became commonplace, and we took this opportunity to work with our distributors by actively using the Zoom among to exchange information in terms of what we can do to satisfy our customers.

In many cases, in order to stably promote new business toward growth in the next 10 years, it is also necessary to increase profitability of an ongoing business ("FreeDan" in the case of nanaplus). Many of the causes why luxury products don't sell well are due to the lack of information provided by the "connector" who are playing the role of connecting between the user and the seller. In order for each distributor to sell nanaplus products confidently, our office will continue to support the nanaplus project from the perspective of a certified management consultant.

This project is a co-development business with nanaplus from Hikone Household Buddhist Altars Cooperative Association.

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