Consulting in Shiga Prefecture


Two years have passed since I obtained the SME management consultant qualification, and I started my own business in April 2020. As I create my own website, I am thinking again about the meaning of doing business in Shiga Prefecture.

I have moved from place to place in Kanagawa, Kagoshima, Tokyo, Kyoto and Shiga, so I feel like I don't have a hometown that looks like home. Consulting has the nature of being the most location-agnostic of all jobs, but basically, I have an image of working in a big city.

In the age of web meetings, there is no problem to ask a consultant in Tokyo. Under such circumstances, what is the meaning of doing business in Shiga Prefecture (and other regions of Japan)? It was to specialize in an area where nothing could be done without seeing and touching it first hand. The field of Japan traditional crafts is exactly what it is. Ever since I realized that the manufacturing industry, which is often referred to as a local industry, falls into this category, I decided to be engaged in those industries.

As with any job, why do you work in the place? In other words, if you can't answer the question, "Is it a necessity to stick to where you are?", we live in an age where it's often more convenient to work in a big city like Tokyo (if it's traditional, Kyoto), including connecting with people.

However, while "work that can be done wherever you are" in COVID-19 Era is moving to the web space, I believe that a person who can do "work that can only be done here" can become a unique entity by mastering it.

We want to be with our clients in a way that is in tune with the times.